After dealing with ‘strange’ Mikel Arteta methods, Kieran Tierney is uncertain about his future at Arsenal.


After Oleksandr Zinchenko arrived, the left-back was asked to change his strategy in games.

After acknowledging that the left-back position under Mikel Arteta seemed “alien,” Kieran Tierney says he is unclear what the future at Arsenal holds for him.

Although Tierney is “absolutely loving it” at Real Sociedad, where he is presently on season-long loan, he will be injured on Wednesday and will miss the team’s trip to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Scotland international held the position as starting left back at Arsenal until the summer of 2022, when Oleksandr Zinchenko signed from Manchester City.

The Ukraine international, who Tierney has found difficult to implement, has altered Arteta’s left-back’s style of play by dropping into midfield.

The left-back at Arsenal has the potential to be one of the team’s most important players, he told the Daily Mail. “If it’s Oleksandr Zinchenko, then from a central position he is one of the major creators.

“I found that strange when it was first presented. I started off as a winger and had never played center midfield. When I was at Arsenal, I was attempting to find it out.

It is difficult to doubt it when you observe how nicely it functions. I decided to just go ahead and learn from the greatest, getting to practice alongside them. Zinchenko looks so effortless because it comes so naturally to him.

At the conclusion of the current campaign, Tierney’s loan from Sociedad is expected to expire without an option to purchase.

When asked if he would return to Arsenal, the 26-year-old responded, “It’s hard to say.” I had a great two years there, and my contract is still in effect. I am really appreciative of Arsenal. I’m not sure what lies ahead, but I’m having so much fun here.

“I think I’ve adjusted pretty well, and I hope I can repay the club’s faith.” World-class players make up an incredibly gifted team, many of whom are academy graduates. It’s an incredible tale.

“Coming here was more convenient than traveling to London, and I don’t mean to disparage Arsenal because they were a huge help to me.”

“I was four years younger and moving from Scotland, so it didn’t matter where I went, that was going to be the hardest part. Without the people at the club, it would have been ten times harder to adapt.”

“Playing for Arsenal is a fantastic experience, but there are still obstacles to get over. After a few months, Covid strikes, and you are left alone for several months. Everyone at Arsenal was truly remarkable.


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