“I don’t like it,” Jurgen Klopp says of Liverpool before bidding adieu to Manchester United.


Prior to their Premier League matchup, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed why he was taken aback by Manchester United earlier in his Anfield tenure.

As he gets ready for his final matchup with Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp acknowledges that his first trip to Old Trafford as Liverpool manager surprised him.

In an attempt to keep up their Premier League title challenge, the Reds will travel a short distance down East Lancs Road on Sunday to play their fierce rivals in the North West.

Only two of Klopp’s nine previous games at United have ended in victories; the most recent match took place just three weeks ago, when Liverpool lost 4-3 in their FA Cup quarterfinal.

When questioned if, prior to arriving to Anfield, he had truly understood the intensity of the rivalry between the two heavyweights, Klopp responded, “Probably not to the full extent of knowing because how can you?

The strength of Old Trafford astonished me since, up until that point, all I had heard about Anfield’s stadium and atmosphere-creating capabilities was about how big it could get. However, (Old Trafford) is also not that horrible! I adore this level of intensity and game-focusedness.

“I dislike it when players cross the line on the field, which is something we definitely experienced early in Everton games. You just have to say, ‘Sorry, is there a referee here to tell them to stop doing that, it’s just a football game?'” It wasn’t all that much versus United, but you quickly realize that this is the one game of the year that you have to win no matter what.”

After nearly nine years in command, Klopp will depart Liverpool at the end of the current campaign, having guided the team to become the global, European, and English champions. The Reds are still in the running for the Premier League championship and have already advanced to the quarterfinals of the League Cup this season.

“It’s not that I’ve won a lot, but I’ve won a few things, not alone obviously but with the teams,” he stated. “The only way I can comprehend its magnitude is by learning what it means to other people. Although it’s not that much of a difference, I think it’s excellent. But I realize how significant it is when I see what it means to other people.

“I received a small reminder when you saw former players following the Brighton match. It is not a common occurrence. Since he left, I don’t think I’ve seen Gini Wijnaldum. Sadio (Mane) never, Bobby (Firmino) once, and Fab (inho) once. It feels so fantastic to see the lads, and that’s exactly what life is all about, I think, when I see Millie and Adam.”

Speaking to Sky Sports, Klopp continued, “These players are a special group.” I can’t wait to meet these lads again and be able to watch their progress, no matter what happens in between now and the end of the season.
However, it’s clearly more enjoyable when you have a lot of good memories. Winning this year would be extremely meaningful for the club and the entire group, but it was never meaningful for me. That is 100% true, I can say.

“The moment I realise how big it is is the moment I stand on the bus and you look in the eyes of the people, that’s when you go ‘wow’ – it was worth every little sweat and everything you invested over the year.”


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