“I have experience playing for both Jürgen Klopp and Roberto De Zerbi, so I won’t be shocked if Liverpool hires him.”


Following Xabi Alonso’s withdrawal from consideration, Roberto De Zerbi appears to be among the favorites to take over at Liverpool. According to a former player, Jürgen Klopp might be ideal.

Now that Xabi Alonso is out of the picture, Liverpool must look to other candidates in order to replace Jürgen Klopp. The Reds may be set to hold a hiring audition.

Following the first reports on Thursday night, Alonso has officially announced his intention to stay at Bayer Leverkusen for the upcoming campaign. The former midfield player was connected to the soon-to-be open roles at Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

The Reds will have to search elsewhere instead, and in a matter of days, they may be able to see one prospect up close. On Sunday, Roberto De Zerbi will bring his Brighton team to Anfield for the Premier League’s return to action.

Furthermore, one of the Italian’s own players, who is well-aware of the qualities Liverpool will be seeking, has already offered the player a great recommendation. After six years at Anfield, Adam Lallana understands why his current boss could be considering offers from previous employers.

When questioned about De Zerbi potentially taking over at Liverpool last month, the former midfielder for Liverpool said, “It wouldn’t surprise me,” on TalkSport. “All the clubs, I believe, are examining Roberto.”

He is among the world’s greatest coaches, in my opinion. We’ll see. There seems to be a cascading effect of pressure on managers these days, no matter where you look.

That may discourage you from getting into that thereafter, but that is the reality of the world we live in.

Lallana was taken aback to learn of the German’s departure from Klopp, who oversaw the most of his tenure at Anfield. He likened it to his initial shock upon hearing Steven Gerrard’s announcement that he was leaving Liverpool.

“Even though it probably makes sense, when I first heard about Klopp, I had that feeling that something wasn’t quite right,” Lallana remarked. “The day it was revealed that Stevie was leaving Liverpool, I experienced the same emotion. I recall being in the nightclub. It’s strange that the enormous football figure is disappearing.

“I’m quite happy that he has four or five months to get ready to leave. He’ll receive all the recognition he is due.

“Whoever gets the job will have an incredible team, in my opinion. Liverpool has changed from the time I was there, with players like Salah, Mane, Firmino, Henderson, and Gini. For whoever steps up next, it’s thrilling because they can add their own unique touch.”

According to Liverpool.com, De Zerbi is expected to be among the front-runners to take over at Liverpool at this point, and his chances of winning will be enhanced by the backing of a high-profile figure such as Lallana. The midfield player will be taken seriously because of his popularity at Anfield.


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