Jurgen Klopp calls out the “horrible” Liverpool players for not listening to his demands during the Crystal Palace match.


After suffering a humiliating 1-0 home loss to Crystal Palace, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool suddenly have their title hopes hanging in the balance, and the German manager did not hold back with his remarks.

In their loss to Crystal Palace, Liverpool was deemed “horrible” by Jurgen Klopp, and their pathetic pressing efforts were evident.

The Eagles humiliated the title-chasing Reds 1-0 on Sunday, a setback that severely hurts their prospects of taking home the Premier League trophy. At Anfield, Liverpool were virtually dismantled in the first half.

Even while his team continued to produce plenty of opportunities, Klopp remained incensed about how his demands were being implemented versus Palace.

“The stats in the first half won’t be as great as the stats in the second half,” he told the BBC following the final whistle. It was evident, in my opinion, that we didn’t play well in the first half. We anticipated a response, and one was observed.

The team that was on the field was not quite convinced. It’s quite challenging. We weren’t very good. There were far too many football situations at Crystal Palace where we made the incorrect turn.

“If you observe my teams over the past 20 years, the press and counterpress are generally decent, and on certain days they are exceptional. It was all nothing in the first half, and we lost 1-0.

We attempted to alter the structure and dynamic in the second half, which wasn’t difficult for Crystal Palace. Football doesn’t operate like that, but you could be standing here another day and watch the same balls go in, and we’d be talking about a 4-1 victory.”

As of right moment, Liverpool has only triumphed in three of their eight games across all competitions; this run of results includes a crushing 3-0 loss to Atalanta in the Europa League. When questioned by Sky Sports about if his team was still reeling from the match, Klopp said, “Could be.
“I believe you could conclude that my teams’ pressing is generally good if you looked at them over the years. There is counterpress. We were curious about how that could have happened throughout the first half. Curtis Jones was the only one who was actually pursuing, breaking their rhythm occasionally, and getting out. Apart from that, Palace could simply continue playing. Watching Liverpool was an awful experience.

Did you have a hangover? Indeed. That is the way people sometimes respond. Though it’s not ideal, it does occur. There was no conviction. We were too far apart to be friends. The first line did not initiate the press, the last line was too deep, and the midfield was not truly there. All of that is therefore accurate.

“From where is it coming? How do I give that one a 100%? However, we recently played a terrible game, so that may have something to do with it. Without any goals, it was actually a pretty decent game. But regrettably, it’s not that simple.”


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