Liverpool is instructed by Jurgen Klopp to “ignore the outside” with the term “favourites.”


Jurgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, seems unconcerned that his team is currently favored to win the Premier League.

With nine games remaining, the Reds’ victory over Brighton on Sunday, along with the goalless draw between Manchester City and Arsenal, sent them back to the top of the standings.

However, Klopp is fully aware that things may change quickly because there are games at the weekend that follow a set of midweek matchups.

It’s nothing that we can clearly see. Before Thursday’s home match against the dreadful Blades, he stated, “For us at Sheffield United, the situation is, and not who is the favourite.”

“I’m pretty sure we weren’t favorites following our February 4 loss to Arsenal—possibly correctly, but I don’t know and I don’t care.

Ignoring the emotional, up-and-down outer “mess” is one of the most crucial things to get through this phase.

“Let’s see what happens; we have to play the greatest football we can play, be the best versions of ourselves, and be professional and emotional in the correct ways.

“There are just opportunities; there are no guarantees. Your chances of seizing an opportunity increase with its clarity.

With Wednesday’s games between City and Arsenal, Liverpool is the final team vying for the crown, but Klopp won’t be watching to see how their opponents fare.

“I was unaware that they were performing [on Wednesday night],” he continued. “I think they will always prevail.

“I told you one story. I watched a game years ago and wanted Leicester to win (2019, versus Manchester City), but it didn’t work out.

The last time I did that was then. That’s when historical lessons become relevant. I don’t feel my heart rate increase while they play.

“We have to win our football games and rack up points.”

Even smaller odds would be expected if Liverpool were the title favorites, given the Blades have allowed 77 goals in 29 games, have a goal differential of minus 50, and have only managed three victories—one away from home—this season.

Against a side that hasn’t maintained a clean sheet in four months, it appears to be an easy task; the tougher obstacle will be Sunday’s trip to Old Trafford, where Liverpool was eliminated from the FA Cup just three weeks ago.

But Klopp is not going to be treating the visitors lightly.

“Our [fans] would have a right to think I am already too long in the chair if I were to think about Manchester United right now,” he remarked.

It is illogical. Football games cannot be won if the opposition is not respected. Right now, I have little possibility of having an impact on the Manchester United match. The players who are available will be used.

For instance, Curtis Jones is back, but it doesn’t mean he can play for ninety minutes. We want to use him. We may need more players, and they may need rhythm. How are we going to do that?

“It is unrelated to the Manchester United match; Sheffield United is deserving of our utmost regard, which they will receive.”

Additionally available is left-back Andy Robertson, who was injured while playing for Scotland on Sunday and missed practice.


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