Liverpool supporters “discover a way” to overturn Jurgen Klopp’s resignation as manager.


When Jurgen Klopp said in January that this would be his last season as manager, it stunned the Reds’ locker room and crushed the hearts of Liverpool supporters everywhere.

The supporters of Liverpool believe they have discovered a way to persuade Jurgen Klopp to change his mind about stepping down as manager.

When Klopp said in January that this would be his last season as manager, it shocked the Reds’ locker room and crushed the hearts of Liverpool supporters everywhere.

Virgil van Dijk’s demand was met by the Liverpool players, who went on to win the Carabao Cup, guaranteeing that Klopp will have some hardware to show for his nine seasons in charge.

However, Liverpool has lowered their game in recent weeks. The Reds are no longer blowing teams away in the Premier League as the tournament nears its conclusion. They were eliminated from the FA Cup by fierce rivals Manchester United, and they now trail Atalanta 3-0 in the first leg of their Europa League quarterfinal.

When Klopp made his departure from Liverpool official, he gave an explanation that the Reds’ near-complete rebuilding was a major factor in his decision to step down.

Following a challenging campaign for Liverpool, he stated, “For me, it was super, super, super-important that I can help to bring this team back onto the rails.”

“It consumed all of my thoughts. I was able to start thinking about myself again when I realized relatively early on that it was a really fantastic squad with a ton of promise, a super age group, super characters, and all that.
It’s just what I believe to be 100% correct; it’s not what I want to accomplish.”

Everyone was, of course, in agreement when Klopp made the remarks. Anfield has been a natural fit for Alexis Mac Allister, Darwin Nunez, and Luis Diaz, for example, who are all becoming better every game.

However, some are calling attention to the “obvious loophole” now that Liverpool fans are confronted with the very real potential that Klopp’s last moment as manager would be him clapping fans following the Wolves game on the last day of the season—after the Reds finish second.

“He stated that the team is ahead of the rebuild, which is why he is departing. Well, Klopp needs to stay and they are not ahead of the rebuild,” a social media enthusiast commented.

“Klopp just needs to stay another season or two,” another person commented, while a third said, “We are not as good as we think, we crumble in big games this season not finishing chances, defensive errors it is a big achievement.”

“We can’t let Klopp go because, as Klopp stated, this is still a young Liverpool 2.0 squad. Klopp made them fight on all fronts. He will undoubtedly excel with this team in the upcoming season. I don’t think any other manager could complete a rebuild as quickly as Klopp did from 2016 to 2018.”

Naturally, Klopp’s decision to leave Liverpool after this season seems unlikely, but it seems certain that the next manager will have some work ahead of him to finish the renovation.


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