Liverpool will move from Nike to Adidas uniforms when the team signs a new, massive contract.


After being supplied by Nike for the previous four years, Liverpool is nearing a new kit agreement with Adidas; nevertheless, in the most recent bidding procedure, the Americans were defeated by their fierce rivals.

Liverpool is nearing a massive financial agreement to switch from Nike to Adidas as its new uniform provider.

Since the 2020–2021 season, Nike has provided the Reds with uniforms; prior to that, New Balance held the deal. As part of their arrangement, Nike presently pays Liverpool a price of £30 million per season.

That is a small amount for a premier team, but Nike’s reputation for distribution and marketing drew the Reds in. It is understood that royalties on replica teamwear sales boost the annual fee over £50 million. In contrast, Manchester United receives £90 million annually from their gear agreement with Adidas. That contract, which set a Premier League record, was extended for an additional ten years last summer.

SportBusiness is stating that Liverpool is planning to switch from Nike to Adidas, suggesting that they are interested in that transaction. Five years will pass after the commencement of the 2025–2026 campaign under the proposed agreement.

Adidas prevailed in a recent tender procedure for the hefty contract, beating out competition from Nike and Puma. It indicates that Liverpool and the German business will get back together after a 13-year separation.

The Reds previously used Adidas as their uniform supplier for six years, from 2006 to 2012, before moving to Warrior. The new agreement is rumored to be worth more than Liverpool’s existing one with Nike.

Puma was rumored to be “at the table,” but they are now focusing on Manchester City, who have been Liverpool’s main title opponents lately. Trent Alexander-Arnold has already secured a lucrative boot deal with Adidas for this season.

The ‘aggressive effort’ is being made by the sportswear giants after they lost their famous deal with the German national team in 2027. After more than 70 years of ownership, Adidas is currently valued at £43 million annually.

However, Nike has completely outperformed them and will now supply Germany starting in 2027. The French national team contract is the next front in contention; the tender procedure is now under progress.

Nike presently supplies Chelsea, Tottenham, and Brighton in addition to Liverpool. Adidas, on the other hand, has agreements with Nottingham Forest, United, Arsenal, Fulham, and Villa; this summer, they will also add Newcastle to their roster.

After New Balance filed a lawsuit, claiming Liverpool was not honoring a renewal provision, Nike was forced to fight to supply Liverpool. However, the High Court determined that New Balance could not match the conditions of the American’s proposed arrangement, citing Nike’s position as a crucial component.


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