Liverpool’s ongoing issue cannot be ignored, as the latest strong statement in the title fight


Ian Doyle’s report following Liverpool’s comeback victory in the Premier League
For Liverpool this season, the fact that no other team has gained more Premier League points from losing situations has almost become a badge of honor.

Although overcoming adversity is a necessary quality for any successful team, the fact that it is constantly required indicates that there is a problem that has to be fixed.

And once more, the Reds’ tendency to get off to a slow start this season—a sharp contrast to the frenzy that frequently greeted the opening whistle earlier in Jurgen Klopp’s tenure—had to be overcome in order to defeat Brighton, who is frequently Klopp’s worst enemy.

Out of the 67 points Liverpool has accumulated so far this season, an incredible 26—more than a third—have come from games lost.

The fact that Danny Welbeck’s thundering shot in the second minute of the match marked the third time in the Reds’ last four Premier League games that they had conceded the first goal, hasn’t helped either.

The mindset of Klopp’s team is, nevertheless, undeniable. Not only did the comeback guarantee that the title run-in began with a 2-1 victory at Anfield, but there were encouraging indicators in the way it was accomplished as well.

As horrible referee David Coote sent a slew of absurd calls flying at the home crowd, Liverpool just shook their heads as a team and kept to the plan of handling Brighton’s particular demands. The key words were intensity, calmness, and patience.

Luis Diaz’s equalizer rewarded the winger’s cunning and the Reds’ perseverance in keeping the ball alive at a corner, but Mohamed Salah’s winning goal completed a devastating, quick Liverpool move. Their two goals demonstrated different attributes.

It makes sense that Klopp stated before the match that he had no doubts about his revamped team’s desire to fight for a championship, something that rivals Manchester City and Arsenal must now fully understand, if they didn’t previously. This Liverpool squad is prepared to fight until the finish.

Of course, no matter how the three points are obtained, at this point in the season they are the most important thing. But the Reds would be doing themselves a favor if they eliminated at least a few of their careless opening plays.

But during the Klopp era, Liverpool has rarely made things simple. Nine to go, one down. The championship match is underway.


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