Luis Diaz’s dream transfer to Liverpool could come true because of Man Utd and Jadon Sancho


The readiness of Manchester United to offload Luis Diaz may stay at Liverpool, according to Jadon Sancho, after his father placed pressure on Barcelona, which is looking for a winger.

Although Luis Diaz has been strongly linked to a move to Barcelona, Manchester United may have unintentionally given Liverpool a major advantage and prevented the Colombian winger from leaving.

Since joining Liverpool for $47.5 million in January 2022—after the Reds thwarted Tottenham’s bid for the Porto star—Diaz has been a great addition. Diaz is a brilliant winger with a lot of South American flare, but his Liverpool contract is expiring in two years, and the player’s father has given Barcelona permission to sign him.

Given that his kid is a devoted supporter of Barcelona and has always dreamed of playing for the Spanish team, Luis Diaz Sr. gave Liverpool a similar predicament to that of Philippe Coutinho. However, Barcelona has brought on Hansi Flick, a former coach of Germany and Bayern Munich, who seems to be a fan of United winger Jadon Sancho.

When Flick was a coach in Germany, back when the English winger was a player for Borussia Dortmund, he was impressed with Sancho. Since his transfer to United hasn’t gone as expected, he returned to Germany for the previous season on loan. At this point, Flick wants to take him to Barcelona.

Sport (via Manchester Evening News) claims that Barcelona was extended an offer to sign Sancho for a sum of $64 million. Although Flick is eager to get Sancho on loan this summer, the Spanish team is still having financial difficulties and doesn’t want to take the chance on another disastrous transfer.

If Sancho, Barcelona, and United all concur, then Diaz’s interest may be shelved, at least for a season. Due to a falling out between Sancho and Erik ten Hag, the winger might have to depart United as the club looks to extend its contract with the head coach.

Diaz has not addressed his father’s remarks, which have angered Liverpool supporters, nor has he addressed any transfer rumors. “The truth is that I know very little about Barcelona at the moment,” remarked the elder Diaz.

“It’s true that Luis adores Barcelona, and visiting the city is his dream. I want to express my gratitude to Porto and Liverpool for their kind reception and welcome of him thus far. Luis is a player that easily wins over fans due to his personality, work ethic, humility, and determination. Thank God, he’s a highly disciplined player. Since Barcelona is one of the strongest teams in the world, there would be no issues if Luis joined the squad.”

Liverpool has experienced this third tale with South American players previously, losing the struggle to hold onto Javier Mascherano, Luis Suarez, and Coutinho.

But Barcelona isn’t the same team it used to be, and even though it might get back to where it was once, there’s risk involved right now. After warning Coutinho not to go to Barcelona in 2018, former Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp watched his form deteriorate.


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