Pep highlights City and discloses De Bruyne’s ailment.


Pep Guardiola, manager of Man City:

“It’s really challenging to play against Brentford. They stole six points from us the previous season. They have amazing organisational skills. Toney is an amazing player who excels at retaining the ball in his hands.

“After that, they excel in every aspect, including free kicks and throw-ins.

We had plenty of opportunities to produce despite how difficult it is to generate against them, and we played a really solid game. We won our game, so we’re back on track now. The hardest part of the season is now upon us.”

He continued, “Today we could not use Kevin because he had niggles in his hamstring and I didn’t want to take a risk,” adding, “He’s okay.” Regarding his absent captain. We didn’t take any chances after five months off since he didn’t feel comfortable, but it’s simply a precaution.”

Haaland finishes the entire set.
After failing to reach the back of the goal in his first two meetings with the Bees, Haaland has now scored against every Premier League opponent in the competition.

The 23-year-old needs to win just one more club to defeat every domestic opponent he has faced. Which team? Liverpool, the competitors for the title, none other. When the teams square up in front of the Sky cameras on March 10, that set might be finished.

Haaland failed to score 1.58 anticipated goals in the 1-1 draw with Chelsea the last time around despite having numerous opportunities to do so. xG estimates that he could have scored almost two more goals this season. He scored seven more than anticipated the previous season.

Despite this, the Norwegian continues to top the Premier League scoring rankings with 17 goals and the highest amount of attempts (82) and shots on goal (40).


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