Pochettino on his clash against manchester city: This kind of game is what we must live.


Although Chelsea’s season has been inconsistent, manager Mauricio Pochettino believed that against formidable opposition, they demonstrated their genuine selves.

Football is always a game that belongs to the players, and today’s execution and performance came from them, according to Pochettino, “though we, the coaching staff, tried to prepare and make the plan for the game.” They displayed integrity.

It was a crucial game for us to maintain our momentum and recognize that we are getting better.

“Our goal is to reach Manchester City’s level, even though we are not there yet.

“In order to get better and develop the necessary spirit, we must play this kind of game. We demonstrate our desire to be competitive in each and every game.”

Jamie Carragher:

“Being incredibly talented teams, I don’t think Liverpool and Arsenal will now just emulate Chelsea when they play City, but I also don’t think there’s a secret to playing against them.

“The fact that they are so skilled makes it hard to stop them. The strategy has always been to force the ball wide and force them to cross.

“Getting numbers into the middle of the pitch and keeping them there—avoid letting them pass through the thirds—has always been the goal.

“With the opportunities Haaland squandered toward the conclusion of the game, Chelsea had a little luck. Towards the end of the game, we witnessed the true City, as they made it difficult for the defense to stop them by getting to the byline and tugging the ball out.

“The outcome gives Arsenal and Liverpool hope that this City team may lose ground. Since there is still a long way to go, I don’t think Manchester City will perish.

“The three teams vying for the championship just need to ensure they’re still in a strong position by the time they reach the March international break.

Who knows when the genuine start of the run-in is? Some may argue that it’s now, but the true pain comes in March and April [losing points].”

Adam Bate:

Chelsea was described as “an exceptional team” by Guardiola, who has previously praised their quality. However, there was a feeling that this was just another example of the City manager complimenting an opponent only to watch as they lose badly and depart the Etihad Stadium.

However, Chelsea’s strategy was excellent. They anticipated that City would control the majority of the possession, but opportunities would arise if they could maintain their calm under duress and play the extra pass rather than just clearing it. They repeatedly succeeded in doing so.

Palmer possesses that serenity, and Gusto possesses that profound intensity. To put it mildly, Jackson and Sterling have not always been as merciless as they ought to have been this season, and they squandered opportunities in Manchester. However, the objective was excellent.

Pochettino will be as satisfied with the tenacity displayed. Conor Gallagher collided with his own body. Block after block, Axel Disasi came up with ideas. Late on, Chelsea lost the lead. However, they have now discovered their soul. That might end up being more significant in the end.


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