“This is the last time,” says Ruben Amorim, denying any verbal arrangement with Liverpool.


Portuguese reports, which the Sporting manager vehemently disputes, have persisted in asserting that there is a “verbal agreement in principle” between Liverpool and Ruben Amorim.

The 39-year-old’s future has been openly questioned as rumors of him joining Anfield become stronger, and last week it was reported that Liverpool was attempting to reach a deal.

This Is Anfield was informed by Liverpool insiders that the reports from various Portuguese sites that the club would meet with Amorim’s agent, Raul Costa, on Tuesday to “outline the terms of an agreement” were inaccurate.

Amorim also took sure to refute any verbal agreements or discussions with Liverpool in a recent press conference, as the clamor only got louder.

“This is the last time I’m going to talk about my future,” he stated, speaking through Cabine Desportiva. An agreement has not been reached, much less an interview. “The only thing we all want is to be champions with Sporting, and nothing will change.

Coach of Sporting is me. No agreement or interview has been conducted with any club. As always, my only concern is protecting my club.

“There will be no interviews or agreements with the Sporting coach, as I have nothing else to say. Whether it applies to this club or another, the matter is fully resolved.

There are still 8 sporting games to play.
It’s the kind of comment you would expect Amorim to make when his team is hunting two prizes and his future isn’t the subject of the news.

The 39-year-old was reportedly offered a three-year deal by Liverpool, according to reporters Pedro Sepulveda and Florian Plettenberg of Sky Germany.

Even though that might happen in the future, Amorim is adamant that no agreements have been made and that his only concern is helping Sporting finish the season strong.

The Portuguese player’s contract has a release clause. A number of prices have been speculated about, with estimates ranging from £8.58 million to £17.16 million.


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