What Mohamed Salah allegedly screamed to Jürgen Klopp during an angry outburst on the Liverpool touchline


Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, tried unsuccessfully to end his debate with Mohamed Salah. The analysis proceeds with the assistance of a lip-reader.

Having been at Liverpool long enough, Jürgen Klopp knew that his altercation with Mohamed Salah on the touchlines would make headlines. Even though he made every effort to downplay it following the game, there has been a lot of conversation about it anyway.

With Salah creating a stir in the mixed zone by threatening “fire” if the manager spoke to the media, the manager’s efforts to prevent damage were likely hindered. Additionally, there isn’t much else to truly concentrate on because Liverpool’s season is essentially over in terms of competitive stakes.

Naturally, the outstanding work that Klopp has accomplished during his nearly nine years at Liverpool is what we ought to be concentrating on. Undoubtedly, the atmosphere will soon change in that direction after the initial shock of the campaign’s termination has worn off a bit.

However, for the time being, details of the altercation between Klopp and Salah continue to surface slowly. The Athletic released a significant relevant item earlier today, stating that Liverpool is preparing for the upcoming season with the Egyptian still on staff.

And now, in an attempt to clarify exactly what was said between Klopp and Salah, Sport Bible has spoken with lip-reader John Cassidy. His conclusions are intriguing.

Cassidy thinks Salah is saying, “There’s nothing I can do about that, nothing,” at the first flashpoint when he refuses to shake Klopp’s hand. This is obviously devoid of crucial background, but it would support Jamie Carragher’s contention that the forward was taking too long to warm up.

The next statement is unclear. The lip-reader’s interpretation of the next interaction, which occurs directly on the touchline as Salah is preparing to enter, is as follows:

‘I will, I will get a red card, after seven years, after seven years’ service, after seven years,’ declared Salah. Núñez then escorted him out.”

If this is true, then it’s likely the key to figuring out what exactly infuriated Salah. Although the allusion to the red card is a little confusing, the mention of his seven years of excellent service indicates that he was ultimately just angry at being so abruptly removed from from the side, only to be called upon at the end of the competition.


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