With this ‘crazy’ Liverpool concept, Tom Werner demonstrates that he and Jurgen Klopp were never on the same page.


Tom Werner, the chairman of Liverpool, stated that he is “determined” to play a Premier League match in the USA. His most recent remarks, which included a “crazy” proposal, conflict with what Jurgen Klopp believed.

Tom Werner’s most recent remarks regarding the future of Premier League football served as a timely reminder to Liverpool supporters that he still has some understanding issues. In addition to wanting a game in the US, he has the “crazy idea” to play several games in various places throughout the globe in a single day.

“I’m determined one day to have a Premier League game played in New York City,” Werner stated to the Financial Times. Even the somewhat absurd notion of playing one game in Tokyo, another in Los Angeles a few hours later, and yet another in Rio de Janeiro some hours afterward occurs to me.
Play a single match in Riyadh a few hours later, and turn it into a celebration of football and the Premier League.”

Not surprisingly, given his contentious endorsement of European Super League ideas prior to retreating in the face of strong criticism, Werner’s main worry is the financial incentive. Even while Werner and Fenway Sports Group (FSG) have greatly benefited Liverpool, it has always been clear.

Werner obviously still has a lot to learn about the fundamentals of English football and the difficulties faced by its players, though. The relationship between departing manager Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool ownership group received a lot of attention.

About his opinions on football, Klopp has never held back. He has never shied away from advocating for players’ needs, including greater player care given their demanding schedules.

Werner’s most recent remarks demonstrate a lack of concern for the players, the Premier League’s most valuable asset. Although he has made it obvious that he wants to look into more profitable opportunities for Liverpool to play throughout the globe, it is very evident that both legendary manager Klopp and primary owner John W. Henry disagree with this viewpoint.

In September 2021, Klopp addressed the obvious problems with football’s ever-tighter schedule. He said that those in positions of authority didn’t care, which Werner hasn’t really done anything to refute.

At the time, Klopp declared, “There is no other sport in the world with such a relentless calendar.” “No contact sports. Athletics and marathons are among the more taxing sports, but they don’t happen 20 times, 30 times, or 40 times a year. We are all aware of the cause.

“As much as people may argue that it’s about providing opportunity to other nations, the truth is that money is what matters most in the end. That’s alright. Ultimately, though, someone has to start realizing that we cannot play this amazing game without the players—the most crucial component. The players are the most significant individuals.

“They simply don’t care; they are indifferent. There is always one primary interest, and everything else is uninteresting. At some point, the confederations must join together and begin considering the game rather than just their own interests.”

Regarding the contentious 2022 Winter World Cup in Qatar, Klopp continued, “It goes without saying that the players in the Premier League enjoy the show.” We’ve said it enough times now: no one is really interested in the players right now, but that’s the reality.”

Werner has once again demonstrated his culpability of endorsing the very things that Klopp despises. Although there was no animosity between the parties when the German left the team at the end of the season, it’s undeniable that Werner and Klopp never agreed on certain matters.


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