After leading Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp has already talked about taking over another Premier League team.


Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, will be in charge of his farewell match at Anfield against Wolves. What will happen next has already been made apparent by the German.

It will be Jürgen Klopp in charge of his farewell game. The Reds manager hasn’t quite retired, but he will depart Liverpool and take a vacation after playing Wolves.

Even though there’s a potential Klopp will take his vacation back, he has stated that it won’t be with another Premier League team. When the shocking decision to resign down was initially made public, Klopp gave an explanation on Liverpool’s official website. “If you ask me, ‘Will you ever work as a manager again?’ I would say now no.”

But since I’ve never been in that circumstance, I clearly have no idea how that will feel. What I am certain of is that I will never, ever manage a club in England other than Liverpool. That isn’t achievable. My regard for the members of this club and my love for them is excessive. I was unable to.

“I was unable to consider it for even a moment. There’s not a chance. We feel like we belong here, we are a member of the family, here is where we live. That is not possible to accomplish. But will I ever work again, all the rest? Naturally, I am aware of who I am and that I cannot idle.”

It doesn’t seem possible that Klopp will be able to avoid the game indefinitely. After taking a break and spending time with his family, he will have plenty of opportunities to return to soccer.

“I will find something else maybe to do,” he replied. But for at least a year, I won’t be managing a nation or a club. That isn’t achievable. That’s not something I want to do and I can’t.


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