Ange Postecoglou: Tottenham manager questioned about ties to a Liverpool position


After being speculated to replace Jurgen Klopp as Spurs manager, Ange Postecoglou was questioned about Liverpool rumors. “Right now it is about finishing the season strong with Tottenham and making sure we establish a strong foundation for who we want to be in years to come,” Postecoglou said.

In response to rumors that he may be considered to replace Jurgen Klopp as manager of Liverpool, Ange Postecoglou believes he still has a ways to go at Tottenham.

When Klopp departs at the end of the season, Postecoglou is one of the names being thrown around to take over at Liverpool, the team he grew up supporting.

After signing a four-year contract, the Spurs head coach claims he is only getting started at the north London club, despite his impressive performance since taking over in the summer.

Prior to Wolves’ arrival on Saturday, Postecoglou stated, “I think that is self-explanatory since I’ve only been here for seven months.”

“We still have a long way to go before we can play the football we want to play, become the team we want to be, and assemble the squad we want.”

“We’ve only had two positive windows, had a decent campaign so far but we have a long way to go.”

When explicitly questioned, Postecoglou did not provide a certain guarantee that he will remain at Spurs for the upcoming season, but he also declined to acknowledge the possibility that Liverpool would be interested in him.

The Spurs manager continued, “The truth is that most of it is out of our hands.” Thus, I have never given that any consideration or concern. I have 26 years of managerial experience, so you can see what I do rather well.

“When it comes to those kinds of things, I use that to explain where my mind processes are.

“Right now, our focus is on ensuring that Tottenham finishes the season strong and laying a solid basis for our future success.

When asked if the connections to the Liverpool position were flattering, he replied, “It depends.” Who cares if it’s just people calling each other names? Really, it makes no difference.

“If I am ultimately doing a good job, then others will recognize that in one way or another, whatever that way may be. Chat, as it is called? Really? I have no interest in it.”


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