Hugo Lloris discusses his departure from Tottenham, Ange Postecoglou, and Los Angeles FC exclusively with Sky Sports.


Hugo Lloris, a France goalkeeper who spent 11 years at Tottenham, moved to Los Angeles FC in December. Sky Sports spoke with Lloris exclusively in LA about his new club, leaving Spurs, and their future under Ange Postecoglou.

“It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

Hugo Lloris, the former goalie for France and Tottenham, and I are sitting here looking out over downtown Los Angeles.

He is the newest celebrity to arrive in the “City of Angels,” and this is his first visit since joining Los Angeles FC at the end of December.

Since LAFC’s founding in 2014, a number of famous players have joined, including Carlos Vela, Giorgio Chiellini, and Lloris’s former Spurs teammate Gareth Bale, all of whom he watched closely as they relocated to the US.

As we get ready to talk, Lloris is a serene presence in the area he now considers home, surrounded by skyscrapers and the sounds of the city, such as LAPD helicopters buzzing overhead and automobiles beeping from the 70th floor.

“I’m eager to start a new chapter in my life here in Los Angeles. Although my family isn’t here yet, they will be here very soon,” Lloris said to Sky Sports.

“With Tottenham’s assistance, the LAFC opportunity materialized in early December, and everything moved quickly. I’m eager to begin a new chapter in my career.”

“There were a lot of possibilities, but this one—a different culture and continent—was precisely what I was searching for, and I’m happy to be able to give my family and myself this chance.

“I believe that if I declined… In the future, I would regret it.”


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