Darwin Nunez rejects Liverpool’s request, prompting David Coote to send an angry reply.


Moments from Sunday’s Premier League match between Brighton and Liverpool that you might not have noticed
With a well-earned victory over Brighton on Sunday, Liverpool returned to the top of the Premier League.

The Reds defeated the Seagulls 2-1, with goals from Luis Diaz and Mohamed Salah canceling out Danny Welbeck’s early goal. Following an appalling goalless draw between nearest rivals Manchester City and Arsenal later in the day, the result puts Jurgen Klopp’s team two points clear at the top of the table.

Nonetheless, a lot happened throughout the ninety minutes at Anfield that was overlooked or went unreported.

Coote inquired

Fans from both teams need a very unique referee to bring them together. So congratulations to David Coote, who left almost everyone inside Anfield perplexed with his unique approach to officiating.

His string of dubious decisions and lack of focus on the game led to a hilarious incident where the Kop and the away end both questioned the whistleblower’s honesty in quick succession.

It’s usually cheap, simple, and stupid to divert attention away from subpar work by berating officials. But occasionally, the man in the midst is the only one who really shocks you. I apologize, David.

Ball controversy clarified

The referee was proven correct in one Coote-related incident that angered Anfield. A series of corners by Liverpool in the second half put further pressure on the opposition, and the referee incited a rage by stopping play to clear balls that had fallen behind the goal.

Though it appeared unduly fussy, the modification was justified. Any balls within the vicinity of the goal are prohibited by a new Premier League guideline because they may interfere with goalline technology.

You now know, then. We owe Coote a small concession. For that at least, though.

Nunez declines

The proliferation of homemade placards at football games, effectively requesting the return of a player’s shirt, is one of the more needless aspects of modern football fans.

One such sign begged Darwin Nunez from a young fan sitting in the Main Stand, and the fan threw his request into the air as soon as the final whistle blew.

Though aware of the appeal, the striker chose to give his match shirt to a ball boy behind the Kop goal instead. Fair enough, the poster did say please. The young man will succeed in life if he has such wonderful manners.

Still present is Torres

Following Sunday’s game, there were two very welcome sightings in the mixed zone, where the media try, usually in vain, to interact with players.

Sean Cox, a Liverpool fan who met Reds manager Jurgen Klopp and sustained life-altering injuries during an unprovoked attack outside Anfield six years ago, was in attendance together with his family.

Former Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, who had visited the AXA Training Centre two days prior and was still there, was also present. There are unfounded rumors that Torres intends to remain in the Reds’ permanent roster in the hopes of securing a position on the team’s newly assembled coaching staff.


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