Fernando Torres told me he couldn’t believe what he was seeing at the Liverpool game when we spoke.


Following Liverpool’s victory over Brighton, John Aldridge is all over three players, but he wasn’t thrilled with the referee in the first half.

You may find yourself emotionally jumbled at times when playing against your former team. Even though it’s a friendly match, Alexis Mac Allister had arguably his best performance of the year against Brighton.

I felt he was quite good. He is now at home. Don’t get me wrong; he won the World Cup and has been playing brilliantly all season.

35 million pounds? Are you serious, or am I wrong? Take a look at the outrageous prices Chelsea has been paying for players.

He is well-grounded and possesses all the desired qualities. His long-range shooting is excellent, and he has excellent vision. Without a question, he was the man of the match.

Again, little Conor Bradley performed incredibly well. Brighton was able to identify our right-hand side by using Quansah and him, two young boys, and they were able to go in several times.

However, that was solely due to our method of assault. We exposed ourselves to the counteroffensive.

If I’m being picky about their objective, Quansah ought not to have allowed him to run all the way into the box. Still, the boy was having a great game.

He’s a star, and I thought the pair was fantastic. One thing that is necessary to do while you are young is to learn from your small blunders. They are merely infants. Any errors they make must be brought to light so they don’t happen again.

I firmly believe that these two will turn into Liverpool’s future stars and save the team millions of dollars.

Liverpool cannot continue to lag behind.

We can draw some excellent conclusions from our victory over Brighton. While there are some truly excellent parts, there was also a general lack of completion.

Mo Salah ought to score at least a hat-trick on another day, but Nunez had a really quiet game. However, obtaining points is the most important thing, and Liverpool did just that.

Even though we had to rally after falling behind once more, we still managed to win three points. We’ve accomplished a goal so many times now. You can’t always get away with it since it’s happened far too frequently.

It will work against you in the future. However, it demonstrates the boys’ abilities—their ability to bounce back from setbacks and their assurance that they can win the match.

The slow starts are something you don’t want to witness too often. We’ve engaged in it a few times and, thus far, have also emerged from it a few times. But you can’t take it apart. Three cheers, have a good day!

David Coote must be fired following his startling performance.

That was stunning coming from the Sunday referee. We keep talking about officials and VAR. This notorious Coote never stops doing things against Liverpool that make you want to rip out your hair and ask, “What’s that all about?”

He was not even there for two rulings that went against Brighton. He made the choice after waiting for three or four seconds. One of them was facing away from the game! He failed to notice it! How come?
To be fair, he had no positive effect on Brighton either! He has also cost us a lot of times in the past when he has been on VAR.

While at the game, I spoke with Fernando Torres and Fabio Aurelio. “What do you think of the referee?” I asked them. “F**king hell,” they exclaimed in Spanish. really, really awful.
Furthermore, unlike me, they are not biased. You should know this because when I asked them for their honest assessment, they said they couldn’t believe how awful he was.

He was incompetent, but he didn’t make any really controversial judgments. The only one he might have given was a penalty for Liverpool for Nunez’s slight pull back.

He was shocking, and he deserves to be dropped for that appearance. Fans of Brighton will most likely say the same thing!


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