Following the man’s death and manslaughter arrest, Alisson’s wife makes her name clear.


Following the arrest of a person with the same name on suspicion of manslaughter, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker’s wife has provided clarification on the matter.

It has become necessary for Natalia, the wife of Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker, to clarify that she is not the person who was involved in a fatal occurrence at a Brazilian beauty clinic. When businessman Henrique Silva Chagas died after receiving a chemical skin peel, his namesake, a social media star, was detained on suspicion of homicide. This led to confusion on various social media platforms.

According to the Daily Mirror, Natalia Becker, who goes by the same name as the influencer in question, is a licensed physician and the mother of three children with the goalie for Liverpool. While Alisson was playing for Internacional in Brazil, she got to know him.

Natalia posted the following on Instagram to her 351,000 followers in an attempt to correct the record: “Clarification. The ‘Natalia Becker’ mentioned in the headlines regarding the beauty clinic is not me. The individual bears the same name and last surname as the original. Not connected in any way.”

The confusion connected her to a criminal inquiry in Brazil about a high-risk cosmetic operation following Mr. Chagas’s death at the age of 27. Online, 29-year-old Natalia Fabiana de Freitas Antonio, the clinic’s real owner, goes by Natalia Becker.

Henrique decided to treat his acne with a chemical peel. When he began to feel pain, the clinic phoned for medical help. The woman in question, whose brunette hair is the only physical similarity to Alisson’s wife’s—though she has previously dyed it blonde—left the scene with the excuse that she felt ill and wanted to see the hospital.

She willingly turned herself in to the police yesterday, and as part of the continuing manslaughter investigation, she is currently the subject of a formal investigation.

The likelihood that Henrique experienced an adverse response to the chemical peel and went into anaphylactic shock is being investigated by investigators.

After her arrest, the clinic’s owner, who is not a licensed physician like Alisson’s wife, expressed her sadness over the occurrence. The Daily Mirror quotes her as saying, “I feel for Henrique’s family,” in an interview with the local media. My life ended because of this. I never intended to hurt him in any way.”


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