“I can understand the temptation to transfer to the Saudi Pro League; I only left Liverpool for money.”


This week, Kevin De Bruyne acknowledged that he would relocate to Saudi Arabia due to interest in a few Liverpool players. A legendary Reds player has revealed something.

Graeme Souness, a former midfielder for Liverpool, says he wouldn’t hold anything against Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester City if he chooses to join the Saudi Pro League this summer. Goalie Alisson Becker and striker Mohamed Salah of the Reds have also been linked to lucrative moves to the Middle East.

“I was guilty of leaving for money when I left Liverpool,” Souness stated in an interview with William Hill’s podcast, Three Up Front. I was absolutely honest when I claimed I was going to live in Italy because I would be able to make a lot more money there.
“Kevin De Bruyne has missed roughly 39 games in the last two years, and over the course of three seasons, that number is closer to 50. With age and the toughness of the Premier League, that will only grow worse.”

There is no indication that Salah or Alisson wish to leave Anfield, despite De Bruyne’s admission earlier this week in a conversation with HLN that a move to Saudi Arabia was something he would consider. Given that they are both still at the height of their game and that Liverpool will be back in the Champions League the following season, it would be shocking if any of them had given serious consideration to leaving.

However, things will remain that way indefinitely. “I’m [physically] done at this level,” Souness continued, “there was a black and white moment towards the end of my career.” At the time, I was 34 and playing for Glasgow Rangers when a player by the name of Ian Ferguson simply shoved me aside and seized the ball, and I was left thinking, ‘did that just happen?’

“I have nothing against players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi; they have earned their stripes and I applaud what they are doing.” You observe Messi moving to Miami, a city known for its Latin culture, where his family can live happily and raise their children. I wouldn’t object if De Bruyne treated Saudia Arabia in the same way.”


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