Gary Neville and Roy Keane concur as the Liverpool star’s case is “ripped to shreds.”


Liverpool’s 66th number A lot of talk surrounds Trent Alexander-Arnold before England’s first match against Serbia. Gary Neville and Roy Keane concur.

If there wasn’t a discussion before England’s opening match on where to start their most talented player, it wouldn’t be an international tournament, but Gareth Southgate seems to have made up his mind.

In England’s first game against Serbia, Trent Alexander-Arnold is anticipated to start alongside Declan Rice in a double pivot, although Gary Neville and Roy Keane agree about the Liverpool player. The former Manchester United players have maintained that when against superior teams, the Scouser cannot play in the middle of the pitch.

Alexander-Arnold is a full-back for the Reds, who have won both the Premier League and the Champions League, but it looks like Southgate has decided that he won’t play there for the Three Lions. Rather, he will play as a center midfielder despite the incessant criticism of his defense.

While in the Liverpool academy, Alexander-Arnold did play center field, but he has never done so on a regular basis at the senior level. Neville and Keane therefore anticipate that he will start the European Championship in the center position, but the switch will not hold.

“Against Serbia, they’re going to play deep and we’re going to need to find a way to cut them open, so I can see why Trent in there works for this particular match,” Neville stated live on ITV Sport. “But as the competition progresses, I don’t imagine things will stay that way; more players will undoubtedly join.

“With Trent in that position, Kyle Walker is essentially able to play back, almost as a third center-back. Then, Trent may deliver nearly like a right-back by moving out to the right-hand side. I see why it functions, but as the competition progresses, I’m not sure if it will be the answer.”

Keane, another pundit, agreed. “It’s all about getting the balance right in the team,” he stated. “They have football players who can win games for you, but it takes proper defense against the very elite clubs.

Trent will be alright in those games, and they’ll be alright in the group. However, I believe he will be exposed to a great degree when facing the very elite teams. I believe he will be completely destroyed if he plays in the center of midfield against one of the top teams. I doubt he’ll be capable of it.”


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