While sharing one “regret” from the Eras Tour, Taylor Swift promises Liverpool.


On Friday night, Taylor Swift returned to Anfield for the second night of her three-night Eras Tour, and it already appears like the American singer has fallen in love with Liverpool.

During her Friday night performance, Taylor Swift shared her “one regret” with the audience and vowed her love for Liverpool. The 34-year-old international superstar appeared to have fallen deeply in love with the city as she returned to Anfield for the second of three nights as part of her Eras Tour.

She said to the audience earlier on Friday that Liverpool had made a “stunning impression” on her. She predicted a “successful evening” and said she could feel the audience “vibing.” She also promised to take her supporters on a “adventure.”

Later, when talking about the city, the wealthy singer expressed regret about her previous tours. Taylor stated: “I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of tours. Previously, I would release an album, and then I would go on a tour in support of that record.

We have so many incredible memories from the Red Tour, the 1989 Tour, the Speak Now Tour, and more. My only regret is that on all those tours, we really ought to have been playing Liverpool. Yes, that’s my fault; I promise not to repeat that error in the future.”

Swift acknowledged that she had broken the attendance record for the Liverpool FC stadium on the first of her three nights at Anfield. The American was informed that the number was a record high even though he was unable to verify the precise amount.

“So, I just want to say, those things mean the world to us getting to play this show for people who would go so far above and beyond for us and welcome us to Liverpool in such a fashion,” she stated during her performance. “You know how much we adore you, they took me aside as I was making my way to the stage to tell me about something else you done for us tonight.

“And that thing is that, tonight, you shattered the stadium’s all-time attendance record. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there are currently more people in this room than there have ever been before? Personally, I adore that sensation.”


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