Liverpool and Everton’may split a £36 million windfall’ should Man City be found guilty of 115 charges.


If City is found guilty later this year, there might be a significant increase in financial compensation for both sides of the Merseyside.

If the defending champions are found guilty of breaking the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, Liverpool and Everton could both be in line for enormous sums of compensation in the shape of Premier League prize money from their rivals Manchester City.

According to Premier League executive Richard Masters, the reigning league champions are currently under investigation for allegedly breaking financial rules between 2008–09 and 2018–19. The case is expected to be heard later this year and involves allegations of reporting false financial figures, using related parties, and paying unreported managerial salaries.

After being found guilty of breaking rules in 2018, Pep Guardiola’s team was initially barred from the Champions League for two years. However, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) eventually overturned that judgment. Although the club’s potential punishments are unknown, it is speculated that, given Manchester City won three Premier League titles, three League Cups, and an FA Cup during that time, any titles earned during that period may be stripped away if the team is found guilty.

Many fans have not wasted any time in drawing attention to the drawn-out process the Premier League underwent in handling Man City, particularly when compared to the situations of Everton and Nottingham Forest, who were penalized points for breaking the PSRs and received swift punishment earlier in the season.

But the protracted procedure is probably the result of Man City’s stalling as well as the fact that there are far more factors to take into account in this situation than there are in the Toffees’. They may still have some good news, though, because if proven guilty, Man City may still owe other teams a sizable sum of money in prize money.

A team of data scientists at Best Payout Online Slots estimated the potential compensation based on central payments given to Premier League clubs throughout a predetermined time frame between 2011–12 and 2022–23. The six categories of these central payments are: Merit Payment, Equal Share, International Equal Share, Central Commercial, Facility Fees, and International Merit Payment. The latter two categories are determined by the number of games televised and the final league standings, respectively, while the first four are split equally among all Premier League clubs.

New Merit Payments were calculated using information from official Premier League sources and news websites. Man City was removed from the standings, which altered each club’s position in each season. The difference between the original and adjusted Merit Payment was then used to estimate how much money each club would receive.

The total amount of original Merit Payment money that all 37 participating clubs received was £375,443,928, with Manchester City receiving the highest amount. Jurgen Klopp’s team came in second place with £329,654,155 in Merit Payment money earned during that period.

With £203,462,800 in Merit Payments throughout that period, Everton earned the seventh-highest amount of any team on the list. However, both clubs would have earned significantly more had Man City not been involved. Everton receives the highest additional payment of any of the 37 clubs, totaling £19,332,757, while Liverpool comes in seventh place with £17,563,357. This is because City was not included in the original Merit Payments. Together, the clubs stand to receive almost £36.8 million.

If Man City is found guilty of breaking FFP regulations, it is anticipated that they might owe other clubs a total of approximately £355.9m in prize money compensation. This amount is calculated by adding up each club’s modified Merit Payments.


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