Man Utd must pay whatever price to appoint Dan Ashworth as sporting director, according to Paul Merson.


Ratcliffe must make any necessary payment to Ashworth. “He talks about displacing Man City and Liverpool from their position, but what about Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Aston Villa? Everybody is getting better.

Granted that Man City is the team, you still need to consider the opposition.

They have to start at the bottom and obtain Dan Ashworth, so it will not be easy. They have not done a good enough job of recruiting.

Jadon Sancho, who is on loan, was worth £73 million, and Antony is not worth £86 million. Who knows if he puts the appropriate people in charge? Since it’s happening so quickly, exercise caution.

For Ashworth, what would I have to pay? In my perspective, you pay whatever since he is the future. He’s a signer.

“You have to start from the bottom because you cannot build a home on water; instead, you must pour concrete on a puddle. I realize Ashworth will need people around him, but he’ll manage to get them in. After that, you begin hiring the appropriate individuals.

With all due respect to Sancho and Antony, you cannot continue to fritter away £160 million. It’s reckless, and you can’t go about in that manner. Many of the recruits Ashworth has managed at Newcastle have the potential to play for Manchester United.”

“The next five games are crucial for the championship race.”With eight games remaining, Arsenal isn’t going to be far away based on their schedule. They have some games coming up that they should win. However, Man City would be the person I would most likely place my hat on.

Jack Grealish is out with an injury, while Kevin De Bruyne did not play the other day. Arsenal was unable to manage the absence of Declan Rice or Martin Odegaard for a few weeks due to Bukayo Saka’s injury. That’s where the damage is caused.

Given their ailments, I thought Liverpool’s performance against Luton was impressive. At the half, they were down 1-0, but they dominated them. They simply have to keep stirring it, but that will take them through another 13 or 14 football games.

“You would be surprised if Man City didn’t win the Premier League if they win their next five league games. It entails triumphing at Liverpool, defeating Manchester United and Brighton. They have a few tough games left, but if they win those, I think they’ll win the Premier League.

Given their schedule and Man City’s, Arsenal would be quite upset if they finished the next five games below them in the standings.

It truly hangs in the balance. Massive times are ahead for us. Nothing could make it better.”


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