The Carabao Cup final will be decided by Liverpool’s injuries.


Chelsea’s chances look more promising than they did following their 4-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield in January.

“It all depends on who is healthy for Liverpool; if Curtis Jones, Darwin Nunez, and Mohamed Salah are well, things will be different. I believe it is a heads-or-tails football match if they are not fit.

Liverpool would win if they were fit, especially Salah and Curtis Jones, who is performing well and brings out the best in Alexis Mac Allister since he has the team’s legs.

However, if they don’t participate, football is just a silly old game. After Chelsea’s crushing defeat at Anfield three or four weeks ago, you may have thought they had little chance of winning.

Chelsea is suddenly performing mediocrely at the appropriate moment. They did well at Man City the previous day and in the second half at Palace. They are, in my opinion, simply playing well at the appropriate moments and have nice balance.

“If Curtis Jones isn’t fit, then I think Chelsea win that midfield battle.”

Enzo must perform like Jorginho for Chelsea.”Chelsea benefited from playing against Man City in the previous weekend’s tie. You can be certain that they will leave spaces toward the back. You always have an opportunity to beat them; if you choose the correct pass on the counter, you may really hurt them.

“I don’t believe Liverpool is the target of it. They’ll have a sharper eye for Chelsea’s counterattack.

“Chelsea must overcome Liverpool’s media. The other week, Arsenal defeated the Emirates multiple times while Jorginho was on the team.

“I’m not sure if that Jorginho player is still on the team. Chelsea would gain the upper hand if Enzo Fernandez performs at the same level that Jorginho did for Arsenal on that particular day.”

“If Curtis Jones isn’t fit, then I think Chelsea win that midfield battle.”

“Mauricio Pochettino will gain the full support of Chelsea supporters if he wins the Carabao Cup.

“Chelsea can only win the FA Cup, the Carabao Cup, and the Premier League when the season begins. In a New York minute, they were eliminated from the championship race. There aren’t many clubs that will win a trophy this season, even if they win the first one. They are still in the other two.

We will talk about how good Tottenham is playing, yet Chelsea may go on to win a championship while Spurs come up empty-handed.

“What more is there to say when you win a trophy? A trophy-winning person is not someone you should make fun of.

“Winning this is crucial because it’s an incredible trophy. Every football player who watches on Sunday will wish he was participating in the championship game.

“A February final offers you that confidence, therefore it’s ideal for the managers. It relieves you of pressure.

“Chelsea, if they win, will have won one of the three trophies available to them, but Liverpool can continue to strive to win the quadruple. It’s crucial for both teams.

“Jurgen Klopp is currently involved in everything, and he will want to win something before he leaves. However, we are aware of how fast football can change; a few isolated victories can mean that everything disappears.”


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