Managers and commentators have differing opinions about Mbappe’s leaving.


The announcement that Kylian Mbappe will be leaving Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the season has shocked the football community, and many coaches and commentators have discussed the implications of his choice.

Mbappe may be about to sign with Real Madrid, the team he has long admired, but he will have to take a hefty salary cut to make the move possible. Mbappe has been linked to the club for a number of years.

With 243 goals in 290 games for PSG, the 25-year-old French attacker has been one of the most productive and captivating players in Europe, helping the team win five Ligue 1 crowns and three French Cups. Additionally, he was crucial to France’s victory in the 2018 World Cup, as they won the best young player award.

Mbappe has, however, also come under fire for his lack of accomplishment in the Champions League, where PSG hasn’t taken home the grand trophy. Here’s where Real Madrid, who have won a lot, come in.

The loss of Mbappe will significantly weaken PSG’s offensive line. Naturally, questions regarding the situation were raised when PSG manager Luis Enrique had his press conference today.

Luis Enrique informed reporters, “I don’t have any information to give you.”

“Until the parties concerned get a chance to discuss it, I will refrain from speaking on this topic.

“Neither Kylian Mbappe nor the team have made any public statements. As the coach, I will voice my opinion when the other parties have finished speaking.

Real Madrid, Mbappe’s possible destination, has made an offer for the French player that is awaiting his formal signing. Undoubtedly, Managing Madrid will be present at Carlo Ancelotti’s news conference in Valdebabas tomorrow, and the conversation will undoubtedly revolve around Mbappe’s departure from PSG. Ancelotti has typically responded to remarks by saying, “I don’t talk about players who are not in my squad.” What will happen tomorrow?

But now-pundit Fabio Cabello, a former Real Madrid manager, expressed his excitement over Mbappe joining the Spanish powerhouses and commended Ancelotti for his ability to handle elite players.

“Real Madrid and Mbappe made a fantastic decision.” Kylian is going to play for a premier team,” Capello told Gazzetta. With the character of Ancelotti. The players make snap judgments about the coach. They can tell right away if you possess the abilities to be a group leader. Similar to a conductor is a coach.

However, Mbappe joining their already formidable archrivals will not exactly excite other teams, such as Barcelona.

Xavi Hernandez, the manager of Barcelona, made an effort to steer clear of the topic, but he was limited by the questions asked during today’s press conference.

“I don’t have much to say,” Xavi remarked. “Mbappé’s departure is official, but things are different for us at Barcelona. A strong season finale is essential to moving forward in the Champions League. I’m unable to respond to you.

“Please stop asking me about Mbappe.”

However, Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, did not rule out his own team entering the competition to sign Mbappe.

“We always have to be in the conversation when there is a player of that caliber,” Arteta stated. But it seems like he might be heading in a different direction.

“I have not (participated in transfer talks)! Perhaps the owners and Edu, the sporting director, are, but I’m not involved in those discussions until the very end.

“Why not?” When asked if Mbappe could join Arsenal, Arteta responded. “There is no doubt that we will require the top players and talent if we are to be the best team.

“Everyone aspires to be an Arsenal player. The athletes with whom we have had chats always have a smile on their face as you open the door and begin the conversation. Our history and everything we have done in the past also contribute to that.


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