Frank Romano, I must say, discusses what current sources are telling him regarding Kylian Mbappe and Liverpool.


Kylian Mbappe’s time remaining on his PSG contract is running out, and he is still being linked to a move to Liverpool.

There has always seemed to be a financial barrier to Mbappe joining the Reds. Rumors have persisted despite the fact that the superstar will be free to sign with another team in a few months. The most recent this week was Mbappe’s self-offer to Liverpool the previous season. The Reds graciously declined, though, as they were hesitant to alter their compensation structure.

Journalist Fabrizio Romano, however, claims that this never took place. The transfer specialist claims in his Daily Briefing today that those close to the France international have refuted talks about moving to either Liverpool or Arsenal.

Romano states, “There have been reports in the English media that Kylian Mbappe’s entourage tried to sign him to Liverpool last year, but the Reds weren’t ready to sacrifice their wage structure.” The Frenchman was supposedly offered to Arsenal, but they rejected him for the same reasons, presumably due to his desire to mimic Thierry Henry.

“I have to be honest, guys—I haven’t heard this. I don’t really have anything fresh to report, therefore there hasn’t been any update on Mbappe. As I usually say, Mbappe will make his decision and notify PSG and their president Al Khelaifi before the story about him becomes clear.

At that time, we will be able to comprehend Kylian’s future. All other stories are denied by sources.

Mbappe disputes negotiations with Liverpool
Though maybe it should be regarded with a grain of salt, this is an intriguing update from Romano.

Why would Mbappe want that to be publicized if he was indeed rejected by Arsenal and Liverpool? It’s embarrassing for a player with such great skill and such a big ego.

Since Mbappe is now regarded as the best player in the world, no club should be able to turn him down. That is detrimental to the brand.

It goes without saying that Liverpool’s reported rejection of the 25-year-old had nothing to do with his ability to play football. That is scarcely significant, though. Rejections are just rejections.

It also seems sense that Mbappe would think about the Premier League as he decides what to do next.

The only English clubs that could be able to pay his salary, excluding PSG and Barcelona, are those that are English. That he would reach out, as he supposedly did, is entirely understandable.

Mbappe’s interest in Liverpool has also been known for years. It’s not too difficult to imagine that talks were held in the same manner as before, now that the possibility of moving to Anfield is finally substantially on the table.

The likelihood of the Liverpool tale increasing is further supported by the fact that his eagerly anticipated move to Madrid has abruptly fallen through.

It feels certain that Mbappe will eventually make his way to the capital of Spain, as we still believe. If that doesn’t work out, though, he will undoubtedly remain at PSG. Whether Liverpool has ever been a true contender will probably be out in the open sometime.


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