Pedro Neto’s deal to Arsenal is hit when the Wolves forward shines at Tottenham.


Neto, who once again showed greatness when Wolves defeated Spurs 2-1 on Saturday, has caught the attention of Arsenal.

After Pedro Neto’s most recent outstanding performance at Tottenham, Gary O’Neil maintains that Wolves have no intention of selling him.

In-form Neto, who once again shone as Wolves defeated Spurs 2-1 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Saturday, is a target for Arsenal in the summer transfer window.

Throughout a dismal afternoon for Spurs, Neto remained a menace and brilliantly set up Joao Gomes for the game-winning goal.

Among his admirers are Tottenham and Liverpool.

O’Neill praised the Portuguese striker in his remarks during the Spurs match, but he also stated that Wolves did not want to lose him in the summer.

O’Neil remarked, “His strengths are incredibly strong.” “He moves quickly and with great athleticism. He has outstanding skill whether handling the ball or trying to find a pass at the finish.

“I’m still putting a lot of effort into enhancing the aspects of him that I believe require improvement. He is aware of that, as we have already discussed it. regarding his potential contribution to the team—both when the ball is not in play and when it is.

He’s aware that we’re trying to get better. Saying, “Oh he is fantastic,” and then letting him finish it and see how well he performs would be incredibly lazy of me.

“I want to keep pushing him to see how far he can go. As a wide player, I still want to push him to the limit and get him as close to perfection as possible.

“I’ve already been questioned a few times regarding the summer. I have no interest in talking about Pedro Neto quitting the team.

We have worked extremely hard and spent a lot of money on this amazing talent.


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