“Unsafe,” according to Fabrizio Romano, the 50-year-old manager might lose his job.


In fact, the Bavarian team is currently second in the Bundesliga, eliminated from the DFB Pokal, and trailing following their first-leg Champions League match against Lazio.

At the Allianz Arena, there are obviously very high expectations, and the team’s current performance is just not acceptable.

Fabrizio Romano gave some insight into Bayern Munich’s thoughts over their present performance levels on his TikTok page, and it’s safe to say that they’re not happy.

Romano claims that Bayern are not happy with their recent performances and that Thomas Tuchel’s career is not safe at this time.

This is interesting because it happened just a few weeks after Tuchel was connected to a move to Liverpool.

The position of Thomas Tuchel is not safe.
Romano disclosed his knowledge of the fifty-year-old manager.

Bayern Munich is not pleased with the way things are going right now. If the results don’t improve, let’s see if the matter is evaluated and discussed internally during the season or at its conclusion. Thomas Tuchel believes he can still make a difference, even though his future is currently uncertain, Romano added.

The stock is declining.

Throughout his career, Tuchel has been able to maintain an upward trajectory, going from Borussia Dortmund to PSG to Chelsea to Bayern Munich.

But now that his stock is declining for the first time in a long time, it’s unlikely Liverpool will pursue him moving forward.

Even though Tuchel is an excellent manager, his current Bayern Munich team is struggling, and in this game, time is crucial if you want to be taken seriously for the top positions.

Although Tuchel has been connected to the position, it’s difficult to imagine the Reds hiring a manager who has had such difficulty this season. The Liverpool job is up for grabs this summer.


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