PSG is currently considering the Barcelona captain following “Mbappe” rumors.


Barcelona appears to be one of the first cities to get caught in the crossfire of a new wave. Even if La Blaugrana isn’t directly connected to the Kylian Mbappe drama, she might be one of its biggest sufferers. That agreement between the Frenchman and PSG falling through might be disastrous for Barcelona.

In addition to the possibility that Real Madrid may sign Mbappe for nothing, PSG will want to utilize the salary space that is created. Barcelona is an obvious target for PSG to target for their stars because they have some of the most sought-after names in the European game.

Now that there are reports that Frenkie De Jong would leave Barça, PSG has joined that list as well, according to SPORT. The Dutchman is a big draw for the Paris club, who see him as the star addition they have been waiting for.

Given that Mbappe is probably going to go, PSG feels they need to regain that star power. In addition, they wish to give Luis Enrique the resources he needs to construct the new project he requires at PSG.

Thought to be looking for a new midfielder and striker, PSG appears to be prioritizing two players in particular for the latter position.

One is Joshua Kimmich, whose future remains uncertain due to his contract issues at Barcelona, while the other is Frenkie De Jong. By coincidence, Kimmich is a fantastic target for the Catalan giants, even though De Jong is still a player for Barça.

The Blaugrana team has a lot of respect for the German midfielder, who is under contract with Bayern Munich. Although his transfer fee and De Jong’s wage worries are seen troublesome for Barcelona, they are essentially inconsequential for a state-owned team such as PSG.

The dynamic between De Jong and Barcelona is still strained for the time being. The Dutchman still feels a little bad about him after trying in vain to get rid of him.

Furthermore, PSG is there to present him with a better offer that would satisfy all of his financial requirements as well as a sporting initiative that might be more alluring to him than Barça’s.


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