Man United might make four player offers to reduce the cost of the Barcelona star.


Although Barcelona’s summer transfer window is still far off, they try to prepare. It only makes natural that the Catalan club would have some notion about their transfer plans, given their somewhat precarious financial situation. Still, there are other preparations for Barcelona than merely arrivals.

In fact, the sale of significant players is being explored precisely as a result of their financial difficulties. Should they be sold, significant players with excellent prices could be crucial to assisting Barcelona in returning to stability, but figuring out which players are truly worth parting with is a whole different problem.

Frenkie De Jong is one celebrity who has been linked to leaving Barça in several sources. According to certain sources, the Dutch midfielder is willing to moving away, but this is not confirmed. Still, one of his former English suitors doesn’t appear to be giving up on him.

Manchester United of the English Premier League is still after the Dutch talent. After their previous attempts to obtain him were unsuccessful, they are now paying attention to his circumstances once more. As Mundo Deportivo has shown, they will actually do anything it takes to support him.

In order to lower the overall cost of De Jong’s surgery, MD notes that Manchester United has identified four players they are willing to part ways with and give to Barcelona. The Dutchman’s transfer is reportedly asking for €100 million at this time.
The four players that United is allegedly willing to let go of are listed below.

Jadon Sancho, who is 23 years old,

Jadon Sancho is an English winger who was once a highly sought-after acquisition for Manchester United. He has a creative touch and elegance when dribbling. But the player lost most of his popularity on the team because of disagreements with the coach.

Luckily, he was able to return to Borussia Dortmund on loan. He is making another impression in the Bundesliga over in Germany. He might be the ideal winger for Barcelona, who are in need of someone who can disrupt the balance.
23-year-old Antony:

Another winger that looked good but didn’t seem to work out at Manchester United. The Brazilian winger, who was previously with Ajax, was a huge addition to the Red Devils. His asking price, which is around €100 million, is still excessive. He might, however, still have some unrealized potential given his age.

Scott McTominay (age 27):

The Scottish midfielder, a defensive midfielder with box-to-box skills, has had a wonderful season with United thus far. Given his physical attributes, ability to score, and capacity to create assists, he would be a strong cover option for Barcelona’s midfield, which is lacking a suitable pivot.

Mason Greenwood (age 22):

Mason Greenwood, a player whose antics off the field are better recognized than his plays, is no longer part of Manchester United’s plans. The English winger has performed admirably for Getafe, a La Liga team, where he is currently on loan. Barcelona might be drawn to his explosiveness, but considering his background and track record, other factors also need to be taken into account.


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